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Posted on September 11, 2018 by texasfirstrealty in Farm and Ranch

Most of the articles here on Texas First Realty’s site are informative, or speak to a particular question our readers have. We’ve published on Wildlife Tax Exemptions, Grant and Loan programs for farmers and ranchers, and a lot of other diverse topics. We consider ourselves the North Texas Farm and Ranch experts. Take a look through a year’s worth of weekly blog posts and see if you agree.

We also do a lot in terms of bringing you information that is current and local. Quarterly, we publish ranch sales with the dates, prices sold and other information usually only seen by real estate agents. Those are called the Ranch Reports and we put them together for Cooke, Grayson, Collin and Denton counties. Find them here at the blog every three months. Even if you never need our help, they will be useful to you.

Today, I just wanted to talk broadly about the notion of expertise. And I started to think about it, because it’s been a long, hot summer on the home ranch and we did a lot of work. Here is just a sample of some of the projects we accomplished.

Built a tool room, 16 foot by 10 foot from the ground up, and ran the electric to it, put a bunch of pegboard up, then built an entire workbench from scrap. We pulled up an old patio on the front of the ranch house, scraped mortar from all the bricks and relaid it, so it’s cleaner looking and newer. We built fence, repaired fence, priced fence, hauled fence; dug postholes, attached automatic posthole digger to the bucket of a tractor when the postholes wore us out. We put new siding up on 100 foot span of one of the barns on the ranch and that was a tough one. Dug up and hauled dirt for a new pad for a future home on the ranch. We did so many small things I can’t remember: patched driveways, installed a mailbox, powerwashed the horse barns: repaired and patched and built…

And of course there is always the grass mowing.

We sweat and we worked and it was two people doing it. And we got a heck of a lot done. And we did it while selling our listings, finding new clients, rehabbing another investment property, running our website and feeding and watering nearly 40 horses (daily) on the ranch and cubing about 50 cows (every other day).

Now let me get to the point.

We have hands-on knowledge of construction, farm and ranching AND we know real estate.

See, real estate, especially farm and ranch real estate isn’t just about marketing, it isn’t just about social media or having the best website. (Those things are good and necessary, too, not to downplay them.) Your agent needs to know the basics but it helps so much more if they have real life experience with farms and ranches. It helps if they can look at a pasture and give you real advice on how well it’s been managed, who can really look at a property and see how it all adds up; what might need replacing, or give you an idea of the value of farm equipment that might be negotiated along with the sale of a property.

Anyway, it’s been a long summer. It’s finally started to rain in North Texas and we are gearing up for a busy fall and winter.


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