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The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M

Posted on September 19, 2018 by texasfirstrealty in Uncategorized

The North Texas Real Estate Blog always brings you the most informative content about real estate in Texas. But this week, I want to highlight a site which all readers of our blog should also bookmark and check back in frequently. A lot of sites are wary of giving credit where credit is due, or sending potential readers away from their site. Not us. My opinion is that if we give you the best information, you will always come back, and sometimes that means recognizing the great work of others.

At the website for the Real Estate Center you will find a lot of information. Market Research, housing reports and data about the Texas economy on the macro scale, which always affects the real estate market. They also publish data on migration to and from the state from other states as well as abroad; information on building permits outstanding and even a special section on rural land.

The Real Estate Center’s blog, named “Mixed-Use” is something I check weekly. Recent articles have detailed the changes in the home buying process from the 1950’s to the present, the yield curve’s predictive power and an article pointing out free resources for land data. Maybe I’m just a real estate nerd but some of the articles will appeal to the general reader; others are probably more suited for those in the industry who want to know everything possible to better serve their clients. That’s me and that’s you loyal reader!

So, credit where credit is due. When you are finished reading the North Texas real estate blog, check out the Real Estate Center.


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