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North Texas Ranch Report: July-September: Cooke

Posted on October 16, 2018 by texasfirstrealty in Ranch Report

Welcome to the North Texas Ranch Report for July-September 2018.

Let’s take a look at ranch sales in Cooke County in the third quarter of 2018.

But first, here is what the numbers mean and how you can use them.


These are the sales which appear on the MLS. It excludes any possible sales that do not appear there. There could be private farm and ranch sales that did not get listed on the MLS.

We will look at the actual sales prices, unless otherwise noted. In other words, often properties will list for more than they actually sell for.

These are sales that closed during the period mentioned. That means these properties could be under contract before that.

What types of properties are we looking at? Well, we have to define Farm and Ranch in some way to make the data useful. So, this data uses a minimum of 5 acres. It excludes vacant land only including sales with at least one type of residential habitation on the property. This could range from a single mobile home, to a large mansion. But we are excluding vacant land sales for this article.

We are also using the Farm and Ranch category to search ntreis and gather the data. On occasion, real estate agents will not classify their listing correctly, but for the most part this will accurately encompass what we are looking for.

How do you use this data?

It’s good to know what has actually sold and for how much money. Your real estate agent should be able to report this to you. If you are in the early phase, looking for a farm and ranch property, feel free to contact us and we can help you and provide even more in-depth knowledge.

If you are selling a property that fits in the description listed above, it’s good to understand this data also. Your agent should be taking this data into account when they suggest the initial listing price or any changes in listing price. If you are selling your property FSBO and think you might like to work with a real estate team specializing in farm and ranches, contact us.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Range of Prices for this Quarter:


The highest priced sale this quarter was 1930 Hemming Road, Valley View. Here is an excerpt from the Property Description.


The lowest priced sale this quarter was located in Callisburg.

Range of Acreage for this Quarter:


The largest acreage was not the highest priced sale.

County Distribution of Sales:

3 of the sales listed in Valley View.

2 of the sales listed in Whitesboro.

1 sale listed in Saint Jo, Era, Gainesville, Forestburg, Muenster, Callisburg.

As usual, the prices increase fairly drastically as properties increase in proximity to the metroplex. This is not just a matter of location, but there are also larger and more expensive estates located there in the first place.

If you would like to receive the full report, sign up for our Ranch Report Newsletter. It includes the full agent MLS report, not just the customer report. You can look at each property sold, see the listing date and the sales date, the initial listing price and the final sales price, financing and other useful information.


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